What You Need to Know About Luno Investments

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Founded in 2013, Luno is a crypto exchange that has helped over $52 billion in crypto transactions. It is currently available in 40 countries.

Luno’s exchange offers a quick and secure trading experience. Its platform offers a variety of cryptos, pairs with fiats, and high interest rates. Luno also encourages users to submit reviews. The company also publishes quarterly financial statements. Its fee ranges from nil to 1.5%.

Luno allows users to buy and sell digital currency using a debit card. It also offers a brokerage service. Its fee depends on the country and currency. Typically, it takes less than a minute to verify a client’s account.

The company uses multi-signature keys to protect funds. It also stores customer’s private keys in safety deposit boxes. They also use a multi-factor authentication process. The company is working toward a goal of reaching one billion people. It also aims to grow its business in emerging markets.

Luno’s investment arm, Luno Expeditions, is a global fund that invests in fintech startups. It has backed 20 companies so far. It also intends to back 200-300 startups each year. The fund has invested in a crypto compliance tool in Israel, non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace in the U.S., and an investment VC in sub-Saharan Africa.

Luno has five regional offices in key markets. It is a fast-growing crypto exchange and is likely to ramp up users in emerging markets. Its low minimum investment requirements make it an ideal platform for beginners.

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