The Best of Financial Samurai

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When Sam first started investing with his own money after college, he became so passionate about the industry that he decided to make investing his career. After graduating from college, Sam spent 13 years at two of the world’s largest financial services firms. He also earned an MBA in finance from UC Berkeley, focusing on real estate. With his investments, Sam has earned over $300,000 a year in passive income. Now, he spends his spare time playing tennis and taking care of his family.

Financial Samurai is a personal finance site founded by Sam Dogen. The site has more than 1.5 million organic pageviews every month. The site is written by a former banker, and focuses on helping people achieve financial freedom. Financial Samurai is also the biggest independently-owned personal finance website in the world.

Financial Samurai is a comprehensive personal finance website that offers articles and rules on personal finance. It explains complex concepts in easy-to-understand language. Many of its articles have been featured in major publications. The Best of Financial Samurai is over 180 pages long and contains over 69,000 words. The book is well-organized and includes charts and informational tables. It will teach you new ways of thinking about financial matters, and will help you build a financially free life.

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