Review of XENO Investment Management

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XENO is a goal-based investment platform that helps people save for future goals. It offers investment guidance, financial education and easy access to professional investment management. Its website and app are available to help people make smart saving and investing decisions.

XENO offers affordable management fees for the assets under management. It has a head office in Uganda, but it intends to expand its service to other parts of Africa. The company plans to offer goal-based investment advice via USSD.

The XENO team invests the money of users in carefully selected asset classes. They build unit trust mutual funds. They offer flexible investing options, including equities, bonds, money markets, and other investment vehicles. They offer options for both working people and retirees.

They help users set up an investment account. They also offer a referral program where users can earn UGX 5,000 for each referral. Those who refer a client can earn an additional UGX 5,000 for every UGX 10,000 they deposit into their clients’ accounts.

XENO’s investment plan includes the XENO Uganda Money Market Fund, XENO Uganda Domestic Equity Fund, and XENO Uganda Regional Equity Fund. It also offers an umbrella scheme for employers to set up a retirement plan for their employees.

XENO is licensed by the Uganda Capital Markets Authority. It has a local custodian bank, which holds all client investments and contributions. XENO Investment Management plans to expand to other parts of Africa. They charge a management fee of 2% on assets under management, which is fairly affordable. The company also allows users to make investments without internet connectivity.

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