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Reddit investing subreddits are a great place to find answers to your investing questions. You can find people who are genuinely interested in the industry, as well as articles, reading lists, and even a stock research guide. Unlike other sites, there are no spam or harsh comments here, which keeps the community honest and civil. The majority of Reddit members are members of the site, and most contribute to its discussions.

r/StockMarket is a good place to start if you are a beginner in investing. The community has a great mix of posts from new investors and seasoned investors alike. There is very little nonsense, harassment, or spam, making it a great place to start. There are a few threads that may not be active, but those that are active will help you get started.

The r/investing subreddit is one of the biggest investing communities on Reddit. Members there refer to themselves as “degenerates” to represent a wide range of backgrounds. The subreddit’s vibrant atmosphere is matched by a culture of humor and the willingness to make mistakes.

One of the most successful subreddits on Reddit is WallStreetBets, which has more than 10.5 million members. You can also find a lot of degenerate people on Reddit, including those who trade in meme stocks. For example, in early 2021, some Reddit users were targeting AMC and GameStop, two gaming companies with a lot of potential. AMC’s stock soared with the hype and mirrored the rise and fall of GameStop. Although $AMC fell from its 2021 highs, it still managed to post a 1,000% gain in just a year.

Another example is Upstart Holdings, a company that hasn’t yet become a household name. The company’s proprietary artificial intelligence platform uses non-traditional variables to predict creditworthiness. It then shares that information with banks and credit unions. The company’s shares have skyrocketed, and are currently trading for $122 per share, 152% higher than the price a year ago.

Other popular Reddit investing subreddits are r/gme and r/amcstock. Both have similar target audiences. r/amcstock, for example, is devoted to the theater chain AMC. Its stock price soared after the company went public through an SPAC. However, despite the high interest, the company has since lost some of its popularity.

While conventional wisdom suggests Reddit is for younger investors, a new survey found that one in five investors in the U.S. has used the platform to influence their investment decisions in the past year. The GameStop scandal coincided with the timeline for the survey, and the survey also showed that almost 70 percent of investors who use Reddit to make investment decisions plan to continue using the site in the coming year. The study also revealed that only 6 percent of investors use Reddit exclusively for investing.

However, the vast majority of Reddit investing subreddits are very conservative in their investment choices. The majority of topics discussed are company news or recent company announcements. In contrast, r/pennystocks focuses on other aspects of investing. For example, one of the most popular topics on the site is whether or not a company is a good investment.

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