Qatar World Cup Referees’ Firsts

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Among the many firsts for the Qatar World Cup referees is the selection of three female assistant referees. This will be the first time women have led a match in men’s football’s most prestigious tournament.

The first female referees were selected in the summer of 2019, and more than 50 trios were considered for World Cup duty. They will take charge of the 64 matches in Qatar. They will be paid a salary of IDR 40 million per game.

There will be 24 men selected to carry out video reviews for the World Cup. They will be selected from 29 countries. Their selection is based on performance in their matches.

Another first for the referees is the use of goal-line technology. This is a technology that uses 14 high-speed cameras to track the ball and determine its position. These cameras send data to the referees 500 times per second. They then calculate the exact position of the ball on the pitch and create a 3D image animation. This technology is used around the world now.

The use of goal-line technology in the men’s World Cup is expected to continue. The cameras will also be used in the 2022 World Cup. They will be mounted on the roof of each stadium, and will track 29 points on each player. The cameras will calculate the exact position of the ball on the field, and if the ball crosses the goal line, it will trigger a signal to the video assistant referee booth. This signal will then be passed on to the on-pitch official.

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