Qatar World Cup Drinking Laws

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Whether you’re a World Cup fan or you just want to know more about Qatar’s drinking laws, there are a few things you need to know. Qatar is a conservative, Muslim country with strict laws regarding alcohol consumption. Alcohol is illegal in Islam, but Qatar’s government has made it possible for tourists and residents to have alcohol, as long as they follow some rules.

Alcohol will be sold only in licensed establishments. Only people who are 21 years of age will be able to buy alcohol in Qatar. Anyone who drinks in public will be arrested and fined. Public drinking is illegal and can result in a fine of up to $800. In addition, being intoxicated and swearing in public are considered obscene acts.

World Cup fans will not be allowed to drink in stadiums during matches. However, there will be an official fan zone in Qatar’s Al Bidda Park, where fans can buy alcoholic drinks. It will open at around 18:30 local time, and the alcohol will be sold until 6:00pm.

In addition to the fan zone, fans will be allowed to buy alcohol at designated areas around Qatar’s stadiums. FIFA has confirmed that alcohol will be sold inside the stadium perimeter, but there are rules that govern how many alcohol drinks each person can have. The rules are designed to help ensure that fans enjoy the experience and avoid intoxication.

Alcohol will not be sold outside the stadiums and there will be no alcoholic drinks available for sale in shops and restaurants. There are, however, special World Cup gathering spaces throughout the country where fans can relax and drink.

Alcohol is only available to tourists and residents who are 21 years of age. There are only a few bars and hotels that have been given permission to sell alcohol. The state-run off-licence bottle shop is only for residents. Non-Muslims and tourists will not be allowed to purchase alcohol in the country.

In Qatar, people who are convicted of consensual gay sex can face a prison sentence of one to three years. Homosexual acts are considered immoral under Islamic law. In addition, anyone who proselytizes for a religion other than Islam can be charged with criminal offense.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be the first event to be held in the Islamic nation, and Qatari officials have announced that they have changed their alcohol policies in anticipation of the tournament. In addition to the official fan zone and the alcohol-tolerant zone, there will be a 40,000-capacity music festival at Al Bidda Park. The festival will run for a month. The stage is a replica of the stage at the Glastonbury music festival. The music festival will offer alcoholic beverages for 19 hours a day.

The World Cup in Qatar will feature official sponsors Budweiser and Coca-Cola. Fans will be able to buy beer in the stadium compounds and the official FIFA Fan Festival at night. There will be a 19-hour drinking limit for each person. Unlike previous World Cups, beer will not be available during the actual games.

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