Memorabilia Auctions

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Memorabilia from various sports is popular at auctions, especially baseball cards. However, sports cards from the 1960s are not as desirable due to their poor preservation. Hence, items pre-dating World War II are in high demand and fetching the most at auctions. Other sports with popular collectibles include golf, hockey, and boxing.

Christie’s is renowned for offering historic sports memorabilia through online and live auctions. The auction house also offers game-used items from inspiring sports personalities. This way, you can learn about the past while purchasing memorabilia from your favorite athletes. Christie’s auctions also offer masterpiece individual lots and important collections of sports memorabilia.

Memorabilia auctions can be a fun way to get a unique piece of history or a piece of music. If you have a lot of memorabilia from famous musicians, you may want to consider Kings Auctions Inc. They have been in business for over 35 years and are uniquely qualified to bring you the best possible price for your items. Their auctions include items from such iconic figures as Louis Gossett Jr., Gene Roddenberry, Shirley Hanna King, Garbo Cuspo, and Christina Fulton.

Memorabilia from sports teams and stars have become increasingly popular. These items can be anything from an official game-worn uniform to a signed scrap of paper. Many collectors prefer to invest in sports memorabilia from their favorite sports stars. Some items are even valuable enough to fetch thousands of dollars.

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