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Despite a spate of scandals surrounding the FIFA World Cup 2022, today marks the beginning of the tournament in Qatar. With 32 teams in action, the group stage will see a winner and runner up advance to the knockout round. The final will take place on 18 December. It will coincide with Qatar’s National Day.

The tournament will take place over four days. Each day there will be four matches, and the first two games will kick off at around 4pm. The final round of group games will take place at 6pm and the knockout rounds at 7pm.

The tournament will be contested by 32 teams, of which 13 will be from Europe. The host nation, Qatar, is a Middle Eastern country with a population of around 3 million people.

Today’s opening ceremony was a bit of a flop, although a new track by BTS singer Jung Kook stole the show. The other big highlight was the opening match between England and Iran. Despite a slew of injuries, the Three Lions have a strong line-up to face the Iranians. In fact, the Three Lions have the most ‘top class’ players of any team competing in the tournament.

The tournament will be played in two groups of four, with the group stage concluding on Saturday. The other two groups will feature Uruguay and Portugal. The group defending champions, Spain, will face Costa Rica in Group E. Meanwhile, Group F will see Belgium and Canada take on each other.

The first match will see a new captain in Tyler Adams. He becomes the youngest captain at the tournament since 1950. His team will also face the USA in the group stage. The final winner will advance to the inter-confederation play-offs.

The opening ceremony featured a five-minute plus that included the families of every player on the field. The VAR had to rule out a goal for offside in the build-up. But there was more to the show than that.

There’s a big question mark over the safety of the FIFA World Cup 2022. A number of migrant workers have died in Qatar since the country’s bid for the tournament was announced. In addition, the International Labour Organisation has found that some conditions fall within the definition of forced labour. There are also concerns over the treatment of workers, particularly those hired by Qatar Star Services. Some of these workers are unhappy with their working conditions.

The World Cup’s official opening ceremony was not without controversy. The BBC was criticized for its opening credits, which received a negative response online. A number of pundits also commented on the opening ceremony. And there was also a big debate over the use of the One Love armband. There is a risk that players wearing such armbands could be penalized for breaching FIFA’s equipment rules.

However, there is one’magic’ item that has not been talked about enough. It’s an openly gay international footballer. His presence is expected at the tournament, although he will likely not be welcomed.

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