ETH Price Prediction 2022-2023

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In the recent Finder survey, 55 crypto and fintech experts were asked to predict the price of Ethereum over the next decade. Based on these results, we can expect the price of ETH to rise from $1,362 at the start of the year to $1,377 by the end of the decade. This estimate is based on the closing price of ETH on 4 October 2022.

While this prediction may not sound very positive at first glance, the market continues to show promising signs of growth. As the first programmable blockchain, Ethereum enables a decentralized ecosystem of applications and services. As a result, it has a bright future. In five years, the price of ETH could reach as high as $5,000. By 2025, it could reach $4,400, and by 2030, it could rise to $13,500.

In the early days of the cryptocurrency, Ethereum was trading for $1 USD, but by mid-2017, it was trading at over $10 per coin. The ETH price prediction 2022-2023 range is also encouraging. While the short-term predictions are encouraging, the long-term estimates are more optimistic. Some analysts estimate that the price of ETH will reach $3,000 per coin, while others estimate that the price will rise as high as $4,500 per coin by 2022. However, investors should remember that virtual currencies are highly volatile and their capital is at risk.

While the long-term price predictions for ETH have been promising, there have been fluctuations in the price prediction for the past year. In January 2022, the Finder’s panel predicted that the price of ETH could reach $26, 338 by 2030. In April, the price dropped to $23,372, and in July it fell to $14,412. In October, it is currently trading at $11,727.

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