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The current state of the cryptocurrency is in a lawless phase, with speculation that the largest exchange, Binance, has been hacked. In fact, employees at Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. have threatened to strike over the matter. This, however, is speculative and should not be relied upon for any financial advice.

Ethereum is a decentralized autonomous blockchain network that hosts smart contracts. These contracts can be created with the assistance of the Ethereum platform and execute automatically if certain conditions are met. The native cryptocurrency of Ethereum is Ether, and the network is controlled by a community of developers, users, and miners.

According to the most recent forecast, ETH could reach $15,000 in 2030. The price of ETH could outperform the price of Bitcoin in the medium to long term. This is mainly because ethereum is the first blockchain to implement smart contracts, which are computer-coded instructions placed on the blockchain. These contracts execute financial transactions using algorithms.

The Ethereum white paper outlines the technology and vision of the project. It was published in November 2013, and was co-written by eight co-founders, including Vitalik Buterin and Amir Chetrit. These two co-founders previously worked together on colored coins and laid the foundations for the NFT market.

Though the ethereum network was the first blockchain to implement smart contracts, there are other blockchains that have started gaining ground. The potential for Ethereum killers to become stronger and faster is very real. In May 2016, a security threat occurred to the Ethereum network. This attack is referred to as the DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Despite the fact that Ethereum is still new and still largely unknown, its value is rapidly rising. As it grows, more applications are being created using the system, from microgrids to home mortgages, and health records. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is a different technology, with different uses and purposes. Its rise is not a trend to be ignored.

Inflation is one of the biggest risks to the currency market, and the Federal Reserve is responding. The Fed hiked interest rates 75bp at its June meeting and a further 75bp at its July meeting. The Fed is expected to hike rates more aggressively in September, and after the Jackson Hole symposium. These decisions could push interest rates as high as 5%, which would negatively affect risk markets and ETH prices.

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