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The AVAX coin has become one of the biggest players in the smart contract space, with over $7.5 billion in TLV in its ecosystem. It is also the fourth largest smart contract protocol worldwide. The AVAX team is investing $300 million to develop its network and expand into the multiverse. The development team is focusing on implementing subnets and creating a multiverse to scale up.

The Avalanche network is scaling up quickly, allowing more users to participate in the DeFi revolution. This is also encouraging more developers to join the AVAX ecosystem. Its most notable projects include the decentralized exchange, Avalaunch, and BenQi, a crypto lending platform. In addition to these, the AVAX coin has also gone live on Robinhood, a popular cryptocurrency brokerage platform.

AVAX is a volatile cryptocurrency with the potential to grow into a global powerhouse in the DeFi and NFT spaces. Its blockchain is a competitor to Ethereum and supports smart contract applications. Despite its volatility, it is worth keeping an eye on this new coin. It will eventually surpass its current price of about $50.

Another notable piece of AVAX coin news is the self-proclaimed whistleblower website, Crypto Leaks. In a report published earlier this month, Crypto Leaks claimed that Ava Labs had been targeted by a law firm called Roche Freedman. It is believed that the law firm obtained confidential information from rival companies and then used it to trap them under class action lawsuits. This would result in massive amounts of AVAX tokens being bought by the law firm. Some claim that the group even got corporate stock from Ava Labs.

AVAX is trying to break above the $20 support level to begin its uptrend. Most traders consider this as a supply zone. The price is still largely supportive on the daily timeframe, and the price could rally further as it breaks out of the descending triangle. If it manages to break above the $20 resistance level, it could be on its way to the $25 region.

AVAX is one of the most popular smart contract blockchains. It has a decentralized architecture that is eco-friendly and has low transaction fees. Another important feature is the fact that AVAX is built on three interlocking blockchains. This means developers can launch ecosystem coins on top of the AVAX blockchain, and build specialized blockchains for niche markets.

The AVAX network recently announced the completion of two million transactions in a week. AVAX hit a new high in September. However, after a month, the price dropped to three dollars before rebounding to four dollars. The price fell below two dollars in November, but was able to rise above four dollars again.

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