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The AuctionWatch add-on can help you keep track of the storage auction units you’re interested in. You can add auctions to your watch list by clicking on the “Add to Watch List” button at the top of each auction’s page. Once added to your watch list, the item will be visible to you in the “Watch List” page or in the “My Stuff” section. You can also remove items from your watch list if you no longer wish to keep track of them.

Auctions have many benefits, including relative security and quick turnaround. You can also expect a substantial buyer’s premium, which is typically about 30% of the total price. For instance, last November, a Rolex Cosmograph was sold for $327,675 at an Antiquorum auction. This was a record price for the watch, and the buyer’s premium was about $35,000 after it was taken into account.

The concept of auctions for watches began decades ago. The first auction house dedicated to this field was Antiquorum, which opened in 1974. The auction market wasn’t fully developed at that time, and wristwatches weren’t the only focus. At that time, the founders, William Massena and Osvaldo Patrizzi, had the vision to take the auction concept to the next level.

Those changes in policy have allowed auction houses to realize great success. In fact, in the past few years, auction houses have broken records for watch sales. There have been seventeen watches sold for more than a million euros, which was considered an extraordinary achievement. This means that the next few months are going to be very exciting and diverse.

Although the market isn’t fully transparent, auction results can be an accurate barometer of the current market value of a watch. A high-quality video or photo can provide an auction house with a detailed record of an item’s condition. This information makes it easier for potential bidders to evaluate every detail of a watch before bidding.

There are many ways to find a rare watch that will match your needs. In addition to reading a book about watches, there are a few websites where you can find out more about the auctions that interest you. If you’re interested in a specific watch brand, you can search for it on eBay or on the Phillips website.

A watch’s serial number can provide a useful indicator of its authenticity. For example, the serial number of an Omega watch is a good sign of authenticity. Similarly, a pantograph-engraved watch has been popular since the sixties. While these can’t guarantee 100% authenticity, you can check the engraving under the loop and look for any peculiarities. In addition, some engravings are unique to a particular operator, so you might want to examine the engravings carefully before making a final decision.

Watch auctions can be intimidating to new collectors. However, some major auction houses have dedicated departments for watches and have developed relationships with key collectors. They also often source lots from estate sales. The Jackie O estate sale, for instance, included a number of interesting watches.

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