Auction Access For Auto Dealers

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AuctionACCESS is a wholesale auction system that connects dealers with wholesale auctions. It facilitates online credentialing for dealers at over 320 auction sites. The company continues to innovate and provide new solutions for both auctions and dealers. The company’s new features and enhanced security measures have resulted in a higher price tag.

To access the auctions, dealers need to register as members of the dealer program and obtain an Auction Access ID card, which is shaped like a credit card. Dealers who have this card can buy and sell vehicles at any of the auction sites in the United States and Canada. This way, dealers can ensure the quality of the vehicles that they buy at wholesale auctions.

Dealer auctions offer a variety of quality vehicles at wholesale prices. To gain access, auto dealers must meet state government requirements. The requirements for auction access are similar to those for participating in other auto dealer auctions. Dealers must apply for their access cards by contacting the auction companies directly. Most large dealer auctions offer online applications, but smaller local auctions may require a phone call.

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