Auction Access and the Auction List

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Purchasing an Auction Access ID card gives you access to buy and sell vehicles in many auctions. This permanent identification card is shaped like a credit card and can be obtained by most auctions. It will have an individual ID number and a photograph. In order to obtain an Auction Access ID card, you must register with the auction and receive a number. It will take about three weeks to receive your card. The Auction Access ID card will also have contact information for you.

The Auction Access ID card can be obtained through a kiosk in the auction site. You can also request a run list of auctions that have vehicles for sale in your area. This run list is segmented by selling group and is available to you in person, over the phone, by fax or by e-mail. Several auctions automatically post sale lists to private websites. Other auctions maintain individual Internet sites for dealers.

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