Auction 904 Procedures Public Notice

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Before bidding, prospective Auction 904 bidders should familiarize themselves with the Commission’s generally applicable competitive bidding rules, including recent amendments and clarifications. These rules address competitive bidding procedures, application requirements, and the obligations of Commission licensees. A copy of this Public Notice is available for interested bidders.

Applicants must disclose real parties with whom they have agreements, including parties not applying for Auction 904. The parties must be listed and must provide a brief description of each agreement. They should also identify any current or future agreements. Applicants must provide updated information in their long-form application. If they are a corporation, they must disclose agreements in which they have an equity interest in the company.

To learn more about Auction 904 procedures, read the FCC’s Auction 904 Procedures Public Notice. It can be found at 35 FCC Red at 6177. You can also find the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Order at 47 CFR SS 1.80(b)(8). This is the document that outlines the rules and procedures for auctioning rural digital spectrum.

Applicants must complete a series of certifications under penalty of perjury prior to filing their application. These include information about the applicant and participating business, and a certification of eligibility for Rural Digital Opportunity Fund support. Failure to submit these certifications will cause the application to be deemed unacceptable and will not be processed. Additionally, once filed, applications that fail to meet the filing deadline cannot be corrected.

Moreover, auction 904 procedures public notices must be published before the auction starts. Those who are interested in the auction must read the notice carefully and follow the procedures in it to the letter. The Commission also publishes information about the auction’s winners and other pertinent information. This publication will help them determine whether they have made their bids in the best possible way.

Auction 904 procedures are governed by the FCC’s rules. They include 47 CFR SS 54. 314 and SS 0.459 (a). The Auction 904 Procedures Public Notice should also be posted on the FCC’s website. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your auction goes smoothly and that the process is fair and transparent.

Auction 904 is a part of the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund’s Phase I Auction. This auction is expected to award up to $16 billion over ten years to broadband and voice services to fixed locations in unserved high-cost census blocks. The auction is scheduled to begin on October 29, 2020.

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