Amnesty International Reports on Qatar 2022 World Cup Working Conditions

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Thousands of migrant workers are toiling in Qatar in temperatures that reach up to 45 degrees Celsius, causing hundreds of workers to die. These migrant workers are building infrastructure for next year’s World Cup. The organising committee of the 2022 World Cup says it is dismayed by the allegations. It says the company will continue to work with other governments and businesses to improve labor conditions.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) will continue to work with Qatari authorities and the workers to ensure that labor laws in Qatar are in line with international standards. The ILO has been asked to work with Qatar’s government, workers, and businesses to ensure the World Cup works for all.

FIFA has committed to working with Qatar to increase the welfare systems for World Cup workers. FIFA has also urged countries to focus on football when the World Cup begins. FIFA’s Human Rights Policy includes the “United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights” which are designed to ensure respect for human rights in all activities related to the Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022.

FIFA World Cup workers continue to face abuse and death. A new Amnesty International report reveals systematic abuses of migrant workers in Qatar. In the report, Amnesty International says that migrant workers are forced to work under “inhumane” conditions and that many are forced to live in impoverished and overcrowded accommodations. They lack adequate centers to report abuses. Many workers are forced to leave their homes or face retaliation, which can include cancellation of residency permits or absconding charges. In some cases, employers charge large amounts of money to leave their jobs.

FIFA has promised to carry out regular, independent inspections of the labour conditions in Qatar. However, the Qatari government says that the kafala sponsorship system, which ties workers to one employer, has been removed from the World Cup construction sites.

The Qatari government has denied allegations of bribery. However, the ILO says that bribery has been reported by employees. The kafala system allows employers to impose a disproportionate amount of control over their workers. It also prevents workers from changing jobs without permission. It was used in the stadium-building spree.

The Qatari government says that the conditions for workers have improved. However, a spokesperson said that migrant workers still face problems with heat stress. The temperature in Qatar can reach 43 degrees Celsius in June. Many workers have complained that they are uncomfortable working outside. During the World Cup, the Qatari government will try to correct any violations of labor laws.

The Qatari Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, which is responsible for World Cup 2022, has published its Workers’ Welfare Standards in 2014. These standards are meant to ensure that workers receive adequate compensation and protections. However, the Supreme Committee is struggling to enforce the standards. In the past, a number of companies have hid workers from the monitoring process. It is also believed that workers do not receive adequate compensation for the wages they earn.

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