AG Mortgage Investment Trust News

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If you’re looking for the latest AG Mortgage Investment Trust news, then you’ve come to the right place. The following article discusses recent insider transactions that took place in this company. The insider transactions below include the number of shares held by companies and individuals, as well as the transaction amount and details.

Beach Point Capital Management LP boosted its stake in AG Mortgage Investment Trust, Inc. by 31.1% during the first quarter. The fund now owns 76,547 shares worth $15,421,000, a gain of 33 cents per share. Additionally, Northern Trust Corp. lifted its stake in AG Mortgage Investment Trust by 41.8% in the first quarter, adding to its stake of $425,000.

The AG Mortgage Investment Trust is a residential mortgage REIT that focuses on investing in a diversified portfolio of residential mortgage-related assets. Its investment portfolio includes agency residential mortgage-backed securities, non-owner-occupied loans, and commercial investments. Among other things, the REIT invests in non-qualifying mortgages, non-QM loans, and GSE non-owner occupied loans.

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